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Bullseye Location Software
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About Partner Promoter

Bullseye’s out-of-the-box store and dealer locator interfaces are easy to configure and style to match your brand's locator requirements.

  • Easy to setup.
  • Flexible and 100% customizable.
  • No programming required.

Bullseye is the most robust locator solution on the market.  Years of development have gone into a unique set of features that provide advanced store locator functionality.

  • Integrated lead capture and management.
  • Full customization via our API.
  • Support for promotions and events.

Bullseye’s Partner Promoter™ is a location management system that builds onto your Bullseye Locator.

Partner Promoter™ empowers dealers to showcase implementations of your products on SEO optimized landing pages. Engage customers to buy your product while you nurture your partner relationships, by giving partners an opportunity to showcase how great your product is, and how great their work is. It’s perfect for any manufacturer with a dealer base that installs their products, or any company that wants their dealers to get more exposure on search engines.

Partner Promoter™ Makes it Easy

With Partner Promoter’s™ unprecedented convenience and control, it’s never been easier for partners to showcase your partners’ work, elevate your brand, and connect with customers.

Bullseye’s dedicated Design, Tech and Account teams have the expertise and resources to help you launch your Partner Promotion implementation.

  • Stress-free onboarding, configuration and training.
  • User-friendly UX and role-based partner management. 
  • Easily white-labeled with your company’s branding
Screenshot of Partner Promoter™ project showcases on a Bullseye landing page

What's in the Demo?

  • See how one manufacturer in the home improvement sector enables partners to showcase multiple project installations that feature their brand.

  • See how an HVAC manufacturer has implemented Partner Promoter across multiple sales channels to satisfy both B2B and B2C demands and Lead Management.

  • See how one company uses Partner Promoter as an integral part of their SEO campaign to drive business to their kiosks through Google searches.

  • Over 3,100 clients since 1998
  • Backed by our renowned support team!

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Bullseye combines elegant store and dealer locator solutions with advanced features for businesses across a wide variety of industries, from retailers to manufacturers to franchises and more.



  • Deliver a sophisticated, branded partner experience.
  • Capture leads, collaborate on content, and deploy promotions.
  • Create and publish customer-facing co-branding and content.
  • Produce search engine optimized landing pages.

A giant leap in the evolution of location marketing, Partner Promoter™ transforms your partners into highly-engaged content marketers. 

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See how Partner Promoter™  can allow dealers to manage and showcase their work under a branded experience.

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Partner Promoter is an essential addition to local SEO strategy.

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Demo the Software that Channel
Partners Love

Bullseye Location Software

Bullseye provides our local advisors the choice to add more content and the ability to make changes themselves. This has been a big win for advisor satisfaction.

Maura Kautsky,
Vice President of Marketing, Sales Xceleration

Bullseye provides our Advisors the choice to add more content and the ability to make changes themselves. This has been a big win for Advisor satisfaction.

Maura Kautsky,
Vice President of Marketing, Sales Xceleration